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Do you have a big pile of dirt sitting around that is depressing the appearance of your lawn or garden – or did you start a big garden project but now lack the equipment, energy and manpower needed to finish the job?

At Mr. Junk Removal we provide the best dirt removal service in Metro Vancouver and are more than happy to do all of the hard work! Our professional team offers a punctual service that is user-friendly, fast, convenient and affordable.

Dirt Removal Services

Mr. Junk Removal’s dirt, rock, and soil removal service starts with a free, no-obligation quote on site – and you can get that process started right now hassle-free by clicking “Book Online” to schedule an appointment – or by calling 778-955-5865 and speaking to one of our friendly representatives – who can both walk you through our dirt removal process and book a timely appointment.


  • Mr. Junk Removal provides both dirt and soil removal in the Vancouver area. 
  • Our dirt, soil, and aggregate removal team will take the shovel out of your hands, and take the grunting off your chest.
  • Simply sit back and crack a cold one while we do all the work- or take control of more important home and garden projects.
Full Service means total relief.

We have all the resources to get the job done both efficiently and quickly because our soil, rock, and dirt removal pricing includes two willing staff-members with the right tools – and the right truck – to transport more dirt than what a standard pickup truck can handle.

Save yourself the trouble!
  • Do you really want to spend the time and effort it takes to shovel up all that dirt, rock, and soil left in your yard and into the back of a small pickup truck?
  • Do you lack the time and energy to make numerous trips to the dump – only to have to shovel it all again?

Call Mr. Junk Removal after you dig, and let us do all the rest of the work for you. The dirt removal process is made easy when you Book Online or call 778-955-5865 today.



Just call 778-955-5865 or email [email protected] for your instant services estimate today!

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